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sassy hongbin is the best hongbin

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Tagged by kyungfeel yay thank yuuuuu ^_^

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person tagged you asked. Then write 11 new ones

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1. Gay crush?

No, i guess haha

2. Ice cream and sauce? OR! Ice cream on your bias? (My perverseness strikes)

Ice cream on my bias.  ㅋㅋㅋ 

3. Favorite genre of music and why or who got you into it?

I do not know exactly, but I think my favorite genres are muisca k-pop, rock and classic…….

4. What style of clothes define you the most; even if it isn’t the normal clothes style you usually wear. 

I do not have an exact style, it largely depends on my mood

5. Disney or Dreamworks? (Choose carefully O_o)

Dreamworks *———-*

6. Funniest picture of your bias

7. Bias girl group and the bias in that group

I’m not a fan of girl groups :/

8. Dream wedding?


9. Where do you most want to travel to? 

KOREA  \ o / and London or NY

10. What is your dream job and your passion?

My dream job is to be a photographer, and my passion is music


I see more negative things than good in mind, but I think …. I have a lot of determination when I want something, and it almost always makes alcanse my goals. :)

now my questions

1. where do you live? (country / city)

2. If you could listen to a single song forever, what would it be?

3. A Bias ?

4. What was the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

5. your favorite band and why you like it?

6. That song sticks in your head right now?

7. How would you define yourself?

8. A gif that makes you laugh?

9. Your biggest dream is?

10. What do you love most?

11. What do you hate most?

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INFINITE Back MV Teaser - Myungsoo

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photo by白兔牌哨子糖;

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eye contact with hongbin ©

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